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Since I was young, I frequently heard about the Litani C800 project in the gatherings of the elderly in southern

Lebanon. However, I never really understood why it was constantly mentioned or what was so important about it.

Time passed  and I decided  to major in mechanical  engineering  at Phoenicia University   During  my second academic year, I decided to apply for an internship in a sub-contract company called SETCO (Salameh Engineering & Trading Company) which is responsible for the supply and installation of all electro-mechanical works, and taking a huge work and responsibility in this project. My request for training at SETCO was accepted,  and I finally had the opportunity to know more about the Litani C800.

I'm writing this article after 6 months of gained knowledge and experience in the Litani project, so allow me to tell you all about it. This project consists of three main routes that include turbines, water pipelines, pumping stations, water filters, control management rooms, tunnels, canals, and 13 reservoirs.  The first is the tunnel from Mashghara to Elia in West Bekaa, and the Mashghara power plant that assures to produce a certain amount of electric power. The second route starts at the end of Elia tunnel, forming a canal, and continues in the form of water pipelines to reach a huge tank or reservoir in AI Tayba, South of Lebanon, that can hold great amounts of water. The third route, that mainly consists of water pipelines, pump stations, and other components starts from AI Tayba and ends in Bint Jbeil.


The project is designed  by a German company called Lahmeyer International,  and the main contractor  of this project is a Kuwaiti company called M.A Kharafi & Sons. It includes many sub-contracting Lebanese companies such as SETCO  and WARD  (Water  Resources  &  Development),  along  with foreign companies  such as the Bulgarian company  Stanilov and a Chinese sub-contracting  company. The project is considered the biggest hydraulic project located in Lebanon that will not only provide water to the areas in which it is implanted, but also across all regions of Lebanon. In addition, this is also considered a hydropower project that contributes to supply many regions in Lebanon with electricity due to the generation of electrical power from the flow of water in the river.  The C800 project is also considered  one  of  the  biggest  initiatives  that  would  create  various  and  ample  job  opportunities  for  engineers, technicians, and site labors.

Congratulations Lebanon and Lebanese citizens for having such an important project implemented here in our country. Once the project is fully established  and completed,  we can certainly look forward to seeing our beloved Lebanon flourish further with abundance and prosperity


- Ali Mazen Alawieh

Mechanical Engineering Student

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