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We have the pleasure to introduce our Company Setco for Engineering Trading & Contracting s.a.l., a Lebanese Company established in 1994 with twenty years of experience in the Gulf Countries. Setco in conjunction with Greenline (same owner) was approved in 1997 by C.D.R for infrastructure projects up to 20 million US Dollars.

SETCO is associated with Arcon Ville International which is active in Africa especially in Angola.

SETCO has executed and carried out various projects in Pipeline Rehabilitation, Cleaning Sewer and Storm Water Schemes, Sewage Pumping Station Construction and rehabilitation of Water Treatment Plants, Wells, Construction of Transmission, Distribution Pipelines, Reservoirs Chlorination, and Booster Pumping Station.

SETCO concluded a Joint Venture Agreement in 2008 with a Canadian Company called Napier Reid dealing with water and waste water treatment plants since 1958.

I. Brief Description of types of works, which can be provided by the company:

1- Pipeline Rehabilitation
2- Cleaning Sewer and Storm Water Schemes
3- Construction and Rehabilitation of Sewage and Water Pumping Stations including Electromechanical Works.
4- Construction and Rehabilitation of Water Treatment Plants.
5- Construction & Equipping Wells.
6- Construction of Transmission, Distribution Pipelines,
7- Water reservoirs, Chlorination and Booster Pumping Stations
8- Mini Hydro Power Plant
9- High and Medium Voltage Overhead Networks

II. Field of Specialization:

1- Water Works
2- Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant
3- Irrigation
4- Pumping Stations
5- Electro-mechanical Works
6- Environmental
7- Water Surface Drainage Networks
8- 66KV Electrical Substation
9- Hydro Power Plant

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